Lots of things happened in Episode 133 of In Her Skin – gunshots, ghosts and revelations. What does 134 have in store. Read on!!

We pick back up with Jorge dropping the custody bombshell on Camila. Camila isn’t keen on Emi and her being separated. He offers her either a new house or a chance to move to Australia. She isn’t keen on leaving the house in Elena’s hands, plus leaving her memories of her family behind. But she promises to consider it. I swear…he’s got to be their father. Surely that’s where this is headed.

Meanwhile, Eddie visits Diego and surprisingly Eddie has a go at him for risking his life to save Emi! Say what now? He also says they haven’t been able to get Pachuco’s face on the security cameras so they need to wait him out, which obviously Diego isn’t happy with.

Then, Selma turns up to talk. Diego is upset that Selma didn’t try more to get Adriana back, earlier. She insists she and Esteban tried. But he doesn’t seem to believe her. She tells him about the times Adriana would come back briefly and how exhausted it would leave Monicana. He said Adriana is tired all the time and feels overwhelmed. Selma said that might be Monica trying to come back. Selma thinks maybe they should contact the shaman Esteban had suggested. Then, Adriana comes downstairs, after having cried watching more of the video where Monicana talks about her daughters, and asks after Emiliana. Selma tells her about the paralysis and Adriana is really affected by the story.  She wants to help Emiliana and Diego tries to convince her not to worry, that they need to avoid getting back involved with the family. I kind of thought hearing all the heartbreaking stuff about Emiliana would make Monica’s soul burst through (in the same way that seeing Diego would make Adriana burst through), but that hasn’t happened. Yet.

At the Larrea offices, Elena is talking to herself, trying to work out why Adriana would have turned up at their house all those months ago, when Lorena turns up. She tells Elena that Diego was at the hospital and told her that someone is poisoning Emi and that she is scared of him. *eye roll* She’s afraid of Diego, but not Elena?! Lorena is really worried about the custody thing – and so she should be. But honestly, this scene is so boring. I’m increasingly finding that there’s an action packed episode, followed by an episode where everyone discusses what’s been happening and I find these get a bit dull.

Anyway, at the hospital, Emi is crying. She thinks that the more people try and cheer her up, the more that means she’s dying. Ricardo comes in and says he tried to bring some chocolates but wasn’t allowed – which Camila says is a result of the hospital becoming “super mean”. Hello, Camila, your sister has been poisoned, so the food ban isn’t mean, it’s smart. Finally. Finally there’s something smart happening.

At Jorge’s, he and Eddie meet. Eddie says there isn’t enough evidence in Emi’s case – a fingerprint on a chocolate box isn’t enough, and his boss won’t let him put 24/7 security on her. Jorge says he has hired private bodyguards. Jorge asks is there’s a link between Pachuco and Elena but Eddie isn’t convinced. He says he hasn’t found anything that links Elena but will keep looking. As Eddie is about to leave, Elena turns up.

Back at Lupe’s, Diego offers Adriana a trip to New York and she’s totally not interested. He offers to go get food so they can have a romantic dinner together. And she says yes, to get him out of the house. Obviously so she can take off her necklace or go to the hospital. And yes, Diego gets home and she’s done a runner and he’s running all over the house looking for her. He asks Valeria to call Rodrigo to se if Adriana is there. Two things: one, why would Adriana go to Rodrigo’s? and two, does everyone love the rotary phone on the wall? Do rotary phones even still work these days?!

Then, Camila and Ricardo head to the cafeteria and she tells him Jorge wants them to move to Australia. Camila wants Ricardo’s opinion and he says he doesn’t want her to go but thinks it’s probably a good idea. He says he will go to the ends of the earth for her. He will finish his studies and then come to Australia. It’s all very romantic and then their song plays (Para Olvidarte by Ender Thomas). We haven’t heard it for a few episodes. I kind of missed it!

In Emi’s room, the nurse offers Emi a walk outside, but Emi won’t go. She’s reading when she hears a knock at the door and it’s “Moni”!! Her face practically beams and she starts crying. It’s just so sweet! Even though Adriana manages to sound absolutely nothing like Monicana. (Serious props to Maria Elisa Camargo – she really plays the two characters supremely well.) The nurse comes in and says Adriana has to leave, but Emi is so emotional that she allows it. Adriana looks very uncomfortable. Emil pulls her in for multiple hugs and it’s awkward on Adriana’s part for sure. They have a chat and I almost have to look away! It’s obviously nice of Adriana to go see Emi but she’s definitely not selling herself, referring to Monica is the “old lady”. Yikes…I don’t think Emi is going to fall for this for very long. There’s already a few furrowed brows and quizzical looks.

At the bookshop, Rodrigo and Marta talk about Gabriel and Jennifer’s move to San Diego and Rodrigo is upset that he’s finally getting close to his son by working on this comic and now he’s leaving. Marta insists it’s for their safety, with Rottweiler on the loose (who had forgotten he was even an element to this storyline?). Rodrigo is feeling nostalgic and really, ts there anything more awkward that Rodrigo trying to win back Marta? She keeps pushing back, and here’s Rodrigo talking about how much he loves her, since high school, and how he wants to be grandparents together. I don’t know if these two are going to have a happy ending…

We end the episode with Elena and Jorge. Elena is like, I don’t like your attitude, why don’t you like me? And Jorge is the epitome of sarcasm and I love it. They discuss the custody and that neither of them trust the other. Then, in the final moments, Jorge asks Elena why she killed Julian all those years ago! Epic stare, and end scene.


  • Does Marta love Rodrigo back?
  • How long til Emi calls Adriana out on not being her “Moni”?
  • Emi is going to walk again, right? There needs to be some sort of miracle, right?
  • Is the shaman going to come to town and tell Selma that he’s been in contact with Esteban, and finally reveal the truth behind his death?!

PS. Don’t forget to check out our finale predictions. Would love to know what you all think!





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