Episode 131 of In Her Skin came with a new couple on the radar and a whole lotta make-out sessions. I’m hoping 132 gives us some new storylines. See below if you’re happy to read spoilers.

We start with Marta at the hospital with a huge container of fruit salad. Apparently, Emiliana’s favourite. Emiliana doesn’t want to eat anything. They play a game called Fairy Godmother, where Marta will grant any wish and Emiliana wants to speak to Monicana. Then, Diego turns up without Monicana and Emi is absolutely devastated. She’s crying because she thinks Monicana doesn’t love her anymore. Then Lorena turns up and starts yelling at Diego to get out. Lorena and Emiliana have a very heated fight. Emi is brilliant. Seriously brilliant.

At Lupe’s Adriana is telling Valeria how confused she is. She says she felt dizzy and awful when Camila got in her face. Now she’s tired again. She takes off her earrings and puts them in a draw, uncovering a photo of Camila and Emiliana. While Adriana sleeps, Maite and Valeria are gossiping and Valeria admits that Adriana’s behaviour might be because she put the log necklace in Adriana’s bag.

Jorge and Selma are walking around the park (new set?!) and talking about Monicana. Selma wants to know where Monica’s soul is now, and looks around as though expecting Monica’s soul to jump out from behind a tree. They sit on some benches and talk about Esteban trying to help. They talk about how she was about to say yes to moving in with Esteban and how he died suddenly. Jorge says knows from experience that only time can take that pain away. Hmmm. Who is he talking about? Julian? Monica?

Diego and Marta have a chat in the waiting room. Marta wants Diego to talk to Monicana and convince her to come in and see Emiliana. Marta is crying and Diego looks like he’s going to cry too. He knows he needs to sacrifice Adriana for this. Then Camila turns up. She tells Marta that she and Ricardo had seen Monicana and that she was horrible and acted as though she didn’t care at all about Emiliana.

At the same time, Jennifer and Gabriel are walking around a garden somewhere (seriously, when did so much greenery pop up?) and Jennifer is crying over how sad Emiliana is and worrying about their child growing up poor. Gabriel is convinced his comic with Rodrigo will sell like hotcakes. They get back to the house and Pacho, the dog, is there! We haven’t seen him for ages. Then Elena pops out of nowhere and threatens Gabriel for being on her property.

Meanwhile Gerardo is talking to a lawyer, I assume, in his office about getting him out of his partnership with Elena. The lawyer says this would have serious financial consequences and he says dissolve the partnership no matter the cost! Does he really love Monicana that much to end up poor?

At the hospital, Diego bumps into Eddie. Eddie needs to go on an “operation” and leaves Diego in charge of protecting Emi. Trouble written all over this storyline.

Selma ends up back home and is looking at a CD…thank god for flashbacks for explaining the significance! Monicana made a video for her to give Adriana and Diego if something happened.

At Lupe’s, Adriana is asleep. Her phone rings which wakes her up. It’s Gerardo!!!! hahahaha. She’s like, ummm who? wrong number! But then he calls her by her name – Adriana – and she isn’t sure how he knows her. So she hangs up. She then heads downstairs where Maite is painting her nails. Adriana wants to know how they know each other. Valeria comes in and suggests she wait for Diego to explain. Adriana gets very agitated at this point and demands they tell her what’s going on. And Maite says she can’t because she doesn’t understand how Adriana was one person and is now another. They suggest maybe she has PTSD. And won’t tell her why. Then Selma turns up!! Has she got the CD?

Adriana wants to know how Selma knows her and why she calls her Monica. Selma asks Valeria and Maite for some privacy and Adriana gives her ‘tude that she should leave! And Selma lays down the law, dishes it right back and says is Adriana wants to know the truth she needs to listen.

Then we get to the really good bit. An excellent display of juxtaposition. At it’s finest. We cross backwards and forwards between the following three storylines. It’s quick editing and it’s amazing.

  1. At the Larrea mansion, Elena is in her office and a book slips off the bookshelf and onto the floor. And it’s actually seriously spooky!!! What is this new horror? Then she feels something on her neck. OK…is Monica actually a ghost now? Then Gerardo is in his room and a weird gust of wind blows through him and there’s piano music. But before he thinks too much of it, Elena busts in asking, basically, for sex. And he’s a total idiot and kisses her back! Then they’re on the bed and the piano starts playing. Elena rushes off to look for Monicana, convinced she’s broken into the house. She ends up in the basement and the piano is playing itself! I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS! And Elena yells out MONICA SERRANO and a light explodes off the wall! She takes off back upstairs and gets a gun and starts shouting at the framed photo of Monica hanging on the wall.
  2. At Lupe’s, Adriana is being totally obnoxious. Selma asks her to please sit down so she can tell her the long story. She starts talking about Monica and jogs Adriana’s memory about their limo ride together. Selma goes on and on, telling the longest life history of Monica Serrano ever. And Adriana’s face is pure boredom, until she can’t take anymore and asks why Monica can’t just explain all this herself. And Selma finally admits Monica is dead.
  3. Yikes, Pachuco is at the hospital in his scrubs. He walks past Diego. Argh. Come on Diego put it together. And then, he puts it together. The look of horror dawns on his face. He takes off down the hall. But then he gets accosted by Lorena! No! He says he saw someone suspicious and she won’t let him past! Argh!! But he shoves past her. And Pachuco is in Emiliana’s room preparing to shove a needle in her IV and Diego tackles him. They fight and Emiliana is crying and screaming, and somehow Camila is there hugging her. And then, DAMMIT. Security grabs Diego and Pachuco gets away!!! They’ve got Diego in a headlock and Camila is yelling and then Jorge turns up, talk about perfect timing, and vouches for Diego. Phew.

Look, I will say the final 10 minutes or so were action packed and amazing. The rest of the episode, and the previous episode were a tad dull. So these 10 minutes were very precious! In fact, those last 10 minutes were some of the most intense of all the episodes I’ve seen of In Her Skin.


  • Pachuco vs Diego – will Diego be cleared and will they be able to catch Pachuco? He was bleeding from the head, so surely there’s a drop of blood with his name on it somewhere in the hallway.
  • How will Adriana react to the rest of Selma’s story?
  • Monica is now a ghost right? No other explanation?
  • Will Gerardo be able to get out of his partnership before Elena forces him to get married? Or will one of them be dead before then?





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