Last week was intense, you guys. Now that a certain someone is back, things are definitely getting interesting. Below is the recap for episode 130 of En Otra Piel, aka In Her Skin. Spoilers ahead.

We left off with Adriana looking super confused that she was in the US and not Mexico. She immediately freaks out over her lack of papers. Diego wants to tell her things slowly but Adriana isn’t interested. She’s extremely impatient. He wants to take her for a walk so off they go. They wander around some sort of park, making out along the way, with saucy music playing in the background. Gone is the romantic Spanish-guitar of every time Diego flashed back to memories of them together. Seriously. Adriana is totally impatient and sex-crazed from what I can see. Come on Diego – break the news! And Adriana is very easily swayed. She’s all, come on tell me. Then he flirts slightly and she’s all crazy again. I thought I wanted them to reunite but now I am not so sure. This is all just a bit too much.

At the Larrea mansion, Lorena is still passed out in bed. Susana comes in with breakfast, smirking. Lorena gets up and can’t remember how she got home. She has the hangover from hell. Later, she poors herself a glass of water and thinks back on all Jorge’s accusations, then on the time she wanted to hand Elena over to the police for murdering Monica.

At the hospital Jorge is telling Emiliana there is a place called Fairyland in Australia and you can have a barbecue and see Sydney Harbour Bridge. LOL. Never heard of it. Am happy to be proven wrong…but, seriously? How old does he think she is? Emiliana doesn’t think she can go because she can’t walk. Poor thing is so sad. I’d be sad too if someone’s idea of cheering me up was Fairyland. Selma calls Jorge then. She drops the bombshell that Monica is gone and Adriana is back. Stressful! Then Emiliana wants to talk to Selma so she can talk to Monica. Selma tells her Monicana has stepped out. Everyone’s crying. Argh. My emotions!

Jorge turns up at Selma’s and wants to know what happened. Selma fills him in. He brings up the log necklace and Selma says it can’t be that. Selma is so upset and Jorge is there for her. I’m such a sucker. He tells her he will be there for her. And they have a moment. A very tense, about to kiss moment. Selma and Jorge. It’s on.

Next up on Cheer Up Emi duty is Marta, Jennifer and Gabriel. They tell her Jennifer’s pregnant and Emi is just heart broken. Gabriel tries telling Emiliana that Rodrigo is writing again and Emi is going to be a main character but that’s not working either. She’s like, whatever, can you call Diego?

Back at Lupe’s Adriana and Diego are back from their make out sesh, and Adriana is super tired and needs to lie down. Diego is being a total “worry-guts” as Adriana puts it. Then Diego gets a call from Gabriel who immediately passes the phone to Emiliana. He tries to talk to her, all the while Adriana is running her foot, apparently sexily, over Diego’s face. Emi wants him to ask Monicana to come and see her. Once off the phone, he tries to tell Adriana about Emi and she literally falls asleep on him! He decides to go see Emi and bumps into Valeria. She calls him out on how odd Monicana seems to be acting. He tells her she’s back to normal and that he’s left her upstairs sleeping. She’s totally going to go upstairs and steal back the amulet. But, no, I’m wrong. It’s much, much better.

Adriana is awake and Camila rocks up and asks Adriana to go see Emiliana!! And Adriana is like, say what? And Camila thinks she’s being like this because Camila treated her badly. Camila pretty much begs her. And Adriana is like, yeah look I really don’t know who your sister is, so no. And they have a full-on argument. And Adriana is about to slap her if she wasn’t too busy trying not to pass out. Seems like the fight is taking it’s toll and she’s getting a splitting headache from it. Camila stalks out ranting and Maite hears her and says she thinks Adriana has a screw loose.

Finally, Gerardo and Elena meet up at the office. Gerardo tells Elena that Eddie is suspicious of him. And Elena is like, don’t worry. But to safeguard things, they should get married because spouses can’t testify against each other. And if he doesn’t say yes, he will have Emiliana’s blood on his hands. Yikes!


  • Selma and Jorge. Yay or nay?
  • How long til Monicana is back?
  • Who do you like better, Monicana or Adriana?

2 thoughts on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 131

    1. Tell me about it! Surely she needs to find out before the show ends? Although I’m not sure how it’s going to be woven back into the storyline.


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