Hoping for a more action-packed episode 130 of In Her Skin (aka, En Otra Piel). So let’s jump straight in. Remember – spoilers ahead!

So, we’re back to where we left off at the end of episode 129, to the conversation on the stairs. Monicana spends a long time looking shocked on the stairs listening to Jorge talk about Emiliana’s condition. Meanwhile Valiera is in Monicana’s room and drops the amulet into Monicana’s handbag. She goes to take it back out after having second thoughts, but then Monicana rushes in, snaps up her bag and runs off to the hospital!

Meanwhile, Emiliana is getting back into her bed and is very upset. Jorge assures he than he’s going to get specialists in to see her. He and Camila try to lift her spirits. She’s devastated she might be facing life in a wheelchair. Jorge promises she will walk again. She just wants to see Monicana because Monicana is the only person who will tell her the truth.

BUT. Monicana shows up at the hospital starts crying to Selma and Diego that she needs to see Emiliana. Diego goes to grab her and she faints right into his arms! The amulet is working! Diego lays her down on the couch and she wakes up. As Adriana! Finally something juicy! She’s confused about why they’re in the hospital. Diego is practically in tears, he so happy to see her. It’s beautiful! Adriana seems a bit delirious. Selma is a bit devastated so Diego takes Adriana back to Lupe’s.

Once there, Adriana is super sleepy. She’s upset because she wants to make out but she’s too tired! Oh Adriana – you poor thing! There’s confessions of love all round and Diego’s smile is the sun. He tuckers her in and it’s so sweet. He loves her so much! Next morning he’s whispering sweet nothings at her sleeping form. She’s waking up…will she be Adriana? YES!! Adriana is…very much a flirt. She wants to know what’s going on but he distracts her by offering breakfast in bed. I am seriously grinning like a fool, even though to be honest I find Adriana a little bit annoying.

While all this has been going on, Gerardo was at Ernesto’s apartment and Eddie turns up wanting to ask some questions. Eddie wants to warn Gerardo of Fulgencio’s (Pachuco’s) potential vendetta against the family. I love Eddie…but is he putting his foot in it here? Now Gerardo will know Elena’s actions have drawn the attention of the police and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

At the bar, Maite is flirting with guys and Anselmo is super jealous. He’s been trying to pay her back the money he stole from her and she accuses him of stealing the money off someone else to pay her back. He swears it’s honest and she says she can’t be with him unless he can prove he has a real job. He says if she can’t trust him then they should be over. Awww. Later on, she asks Martin if Anselmo’s mother is really sick and he laughs and says she died years ago. So I think their fate might be sealed – they are over!

At another bar, Lorena is still drunk and mumbling. Elena turns up with Pachuco, who carries Lorena out of the bar. They take her back to the mansion. Susana is there for some reason and seems like she’s quite taken with Pachuco. Yuck! Lorena is laying in bed slurring and muttering. Elena flashes back to the fire when she was a child: Lorena was passed out, drunk, on the couch and little Elena walks in looking for her. She tries to wake her Lorena tells her to go away. Elena sees a box of matches and decides to light the place on fire!! Ok. Elena officially has no redeeming qualities at all! She was evil from birth. She wishes her mum died in that fire and wishes she could light this room on fire now!

Back at Lupe’s, Diego goes downstairs in search of breakfast asks Valeria to make somethins special for Adriana, because she’s back! and Valeria knows it’s because she put the amulet in the handbag. Back in the room Adriana is looking at herself in the mirror and realises her amulet isn’t around her neck and starts pulling the bed apart looking for it. She spies her handbag and finds it in her bag, almost faints, before securing it around her neck. Is Monicana gone for good now?  Diego comes in with a tray and sees she’s wearing the amulet. Diego really hasn’t cottoned on that Adriana has no memory of the last few months, or whatever the time period for this show is. He asks her what she last remembers and she flashes back to their anniversary and the first night she met Monica in the limousine. Uh oh. Meaning she doesn’t remember being attacked by Carlos, or her brother, Jacinto, dying. Diego leaves to take a phone call (from Eddie who is now convinced Gerardo is hiding something) and Valeria comes in. Valeria is like, I’m glad you’re back with Diego which makes Adriana confused. Diego starts to fill Adriana in. He says she lost her memory and that they’re in the US and she just cannot believe it! Hate to break it to you Adriana, but being in the US is the least shocking of what you’re about to learn!

What an episode! We’ve been waiting, for a lot of episodes, for Diego to be reunited for more than 20 seconds with Adriana. But what’s going to happen next is anyone’s guess.


  • Is Monicana gone for good?
  • Camila went home at the end of the episode…did anyone else get a sense of foreboding at that? Is something going to happen to her on the way?
  • What is Jorge going to do now he’s promised Emiliana she will walk again?
  • Anselmo – guilty or innocent?



2 thoughts on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 130

    1. I’m so glad there’s more fans out there, and not just me! It’s very easy to get addicted to this show, isn’t it? I find it a lot more satisfying than other soaps. I think because the storylines move at a much faster pace to keep you guessing. So entertaining!


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