I don’t know about you, but I have been really looking forward to watching tonight’s episode of In Her Skin. After the way things left off last week, I’ve been dying to know: what’s going to happen next to Emiliana. Read on to find out!

Not the greatest episode I will be honest. There were two main “scenes”. Firstly, a super long fight between Elena and Gerardo. Covering Elena seeing him and Monicana kissing, Elena thinking he will do anything to protect Monicana, Gerardo back-pedalling furiously and saying it was just sex and he was begging Monicana to end things, Gerardo getting super mad that Emiliana is suffering to make Monicana pay. In other words, the same old argument as always. But then things got interesting. He says Elena should die for being insensitive. (No offence Gerardo, but being insensitive is the least of Elena’s flaws!) and all of a sudden, OMG,  he’s got Elena in a chokehold around the neck!! Gasp! But then she reminds him she’s carrying his child and he let’s go. Dammit!!

More importantly – let’s move on toEmiliana! It’s shrieking all round as she realises she can’t feel her legs. Emiliana thinks she’s dying and finally the Hopeless Doctor comes in and orders an MRI. He thinks her nervous system is compromised. Sorry but this is just…so unbelievable. Selma and Jorge come down the hallway and Camila breaks the news. And I can’t help but laugh. Their reactions leave a lot to be desired. There’s a lot of back and forth – walking up and down the hallway reiterating that no one knows what’s happening to Emiliana. Turns out, her spine has been damaged and the Hopeless Doctor isn’t sure Emiliana will ever walk again. Jorge suggests poison as a possible cause and Hopeless Doctor, hopelessly, tells him that’s pretty much not possible and says this whole thing is probably a new virus or it’s psychosomatic. Camila finally decides they need a second opinion. Duh!

In other news, Lorena spends this episode getting absolutely and completely drunk and flashing back to her trials with Elena.

Jennifer confesses to Marta that she overheard Elena sarcastically saying something about not hurting Emiliana – causing them both to look very suspicious. Unfortunately Susana overheard so they’ve definitely got some bad karma coming their way.

Monicana breaks the news to Maite and Valeria that Tomas thinks they might be granted asylum and it’s hugs and happy tears all around. I actually got goosebumps. They’re such sweet girls, I hope they have a happy ending coming their way. But I did get a strong sense of foreboding too. Nothing ever goes smoothly on this show.

Diego pulls Monicana up to his bedroom and tells her that Pachuco’s fingerprints were found on the chocolate box. Monicana is clearly freaked out. She’s certain Elena is involved. Diego thinks it’s probably revenge for Carlos and Pachuco is acting alone.

While this is happening, Maite and Valeria are gossiping downstairs and Valeria shares the latest – that she overheard Diego and Rodrigo talking about an amulet that makes Monicana turn back into Adriana. It’s possible that Maite is now in love with Diego – can’t say I blame her. She goes on and on about how hot he is and how Monicana is crazy to let him go. Couldn’t agree more!

Later Diego leaves for the hospital and Valeria, wanting Diego to win Adriana back for good, sneaks into Diego’s room and starts looking for the amulet. She’s so sweet. She finds the amulet! What is she going to do? Take Maite’s advice and superglue the amulet to Monicana’s neck?

Then, Monicana gets a visit from Valeria. Valeria wants to know why she can’t just love Diego. It’s an important and valid question, guys! Then Monicana’s phone rings and it’s Jorge. He tells her that things are bad. Monicana is walking around listening, and she’s standing on the stairs when he tells her Emiliana can’t walk and I swear I thought she was going to faint and fall down the stairs. But then the credits started rolling! Thank goodness another episode is ready for the watching. Hopefully it is a bit more action-packed than episode 129.


  • Will Emiliana walk again?
  • Will Valeria attack Monicana with the amulet?
  • Is Maite in love with Diego now than Anselmo seems to be out of the picture?




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