After such a great episode 127 of In Her Skin, I had to keep going and watch the next episode. Read on if you dare.

We get to continue the cat fight between Elena and Monicana that began in the previous episode. Monicana begs Elena to leave Camila and Emiliana alone. Then, Monicana starts quoting Monica and Elena starts crying. Can you believe it?! She actually looks vulnerable. Then she looks terrified. Then she accuses Monicana of reading Monica’s diaries, of being a con artist, and says she can’t wait for Monicana to witness “everything that’s about to happen”. Elena says there’s something else she’s been waiting for this whole time and she’s really close to getting it. And then Monicana grabs her and threatens to kill her again. This is intense!

In the waiting room Lorena fills Jorge in on Emiliana’s deteriorating condition. He asks if Monicana has been by, because she might help. And Lorena says hell no. Then he asks if she’s thought about the custody issue. And she says hell no. Sometimes I just want to shake Lorena. She is such an idiot. Jorge says he’s going to get a lawyer involved. Monicana calls and interrupts their argument and tells Jorge to make sure Emiliana doesn’t eat or drink anything, or see Lorena or Elena. Ha! Good luck with that! Jorge is rarely in the right place at the right time.

At the bar, Diego is trying to convince Rodrigo of Monicana’s virtues. He also tells Rodrigo that he believes Elena capable of murder and once again, Rodrigo is having none of it. Eddie calls with the results of  chocolate box and asks him to come straight away. My heart actually leaps. Please, let this be good news!

In Emiliana’s room, she begs Camila for Monicana. Ricardo agrees a visit will be good for her. Then the nurse shows up and suspicious music is playing so we know something bad is about to happen. Then Pachuco shows up, squirts stuff onto Emliana’s food tray and disappears. Noooooooo! I can’t bear it.

Camila and Ricardo leave and have a heartfelt conversation outside. Cue the music. Awwww. They drive me crazy, but this is just too romantic! I actually got goosebumps which is really pathetic because they’re probably going to break up next episode because one of them will be an idiot.

OMG, moment of truth: Diego is at the police station with Eddie. They get the report and…ARGH! No trace of poison. Because the poison might have been injected directly. And just when I start getting annoyed that this storyline is going nowhere, Eddie comes through with the goods. It IS worth investigating because Pachuco’s fingerprints were found all over the box! Happy dance! Now that this is out, Eddie wants to know who the chocolates went to, because it will help them catch Pachuco. Diego won’t spill the beans so Eddie reminds him that his freedom relies on him helping so he needs to tell Eddie everything. Spill the beans Diego! We need to get this investigation happening! He gives Eddie Gerardo’s name and that’s it. Eddie reckons Pachuco is exacting revenge on Gerardo because Gerardo killed Carlos. But then says he can’t do anything unless the family asks for protection. Argh.

Elena and Pachuco meet and he says he followed through and then asks why she wants to hurt a little girl. And she says it’s to hurt Adriana. And now he’s even more on board. Elena wants her to suffer so much that she kills herself. Yikes. She really is awful!

Meanwhile Monicana is having a total meltdown at Selma’s. Why doesn’t she just go to the police?! I don’t get how this keeps going on and no one calls the authorities. Ok, turns out she’s concerned she will be deported because she only has fake papers. Selma suggests they call Jorge to see about getting papers. Jorge is in the hospital cafeteria with Tomas discussing the custody documents. She asks to speak with Tomas about it and tells Jorge about her confrontation with Elena. Tomas ends up at Selma’s and chats with Monicana about her past. He reckons he has great news. He says because she was brought in illegally with witnesses, that can work in her favour and should make it easy to get asylum. And she should tell her friends and they can get started. Then Diego calls and says he needs to speak to her urgently.

Gerardo is having flashbacks again about Elena laughing that Emiliana is sick. And then about his screaming match with Monicana where he said Elena had changed. Is he going to put together. He calls the hospital to ask after Emiliana’s condition. When Elena gets home, he picks a fight with her. Turns out he’s furious over Emiliana’s declining health. Come on Fonsi!! Be a man and do something about it! He mentions chocolates and she knows he’s in cahoots with Monicana.  And then Jennifer comes down the stairs having heard everything!! Eek! Hope she doesn’t end up on Elena’s hit list!

Back at the hospital the drama continues with Emiliana having gone into a deep sleep. The doctor thinks that she’s fine even though he admits it’s strange. Then he asks Camila to keep her eye out for strange symptoms. Shouldn’t he be in charge of that?!

Eileen makes an appearance!!! She’s sitting and having a very obvious Subway lunch with Ricardo. He tells her that he’s back together with Camila. He also tells Eileen that Camila thinks Monicana is a con artist and Eileen is like, ummmm not a chance! I love her so much – I hope she has a love interest coming her way. I know that’s not all that matters in the world, but she’s pined after Ricardo for so long, she deserves her own happy ending.

Then, in the most dramatic conclusion yet, Emiliana wakes up and tells Camila she needs the bathroom, and collapses and says she can’t feel her legs!! And she’s screaming and crying and OMG! Until next week!


  • What is the thing Elena says she’s so close to getting?
  • What’s going to happen to Emiliana?!
  • When is Gerardo going to grow up?
  • Monicana, Maite and Valeria getting papers to stay in America

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