After a week off over Christmas I was really looking forward to tuning in to tonight’s episodes of In Her Skin. If, like me, you need to remind yourself what happened two weeks ago, check out the recap here. And now let’s get to all the exciting details of Episode 127.

Lorena is tired because she’s apparently sleeping at the hospital, she’s so distraught with worry. Not buying it, Lorena. She tells Elena over breakfast that Jorge wants custody of Emiliana and Elena gets super angry and like the idiot Lorena is, she believes her.

At the hospital, Emiliana is awake and talking to Camila. Then she falls asleep and the romantic music starts playing as Ricardo walks in and he and Camila start making out. Talk about totes inappropriate. And Emilian a wakes up and it laying there smiling at them. Creepy.  Then the nurse kicks them out for more tests.

Outside, Monincana is talking to Diego about the mystery box of chocolates that she’s sure came from Elena. Thank goodness someone’s head is screwed on straight. Unlike the doctors who “don’t know what to test for”. Luckily, Diego knows someone who knows how to test the chocolates. LOL. Diego is officially more intelligent than everyone else on this show. Diego gives the chocolate box to Eddie, but won’t tell him why they need to be tested. All I really care about is how attractive they both look, sitting in the interrogation room and sipping coffee. Eventually Eddie agrees to send the box to forensics. If something is found, Eddie assures Diego he will open an investigation. Yay!

At Casa Selma, she’s trying to convince Jorge that Julian couldn’t have sexually assaulted Elena without Monica knowing. Seriously, Jorge is very gullible and is led down the garden path way too easily for a man his age.

Elsewhere, Gerardo is staring at a box holding Ernesto’s ashes and reminiscing about good times with Elena. Looks like he wasn’t always as keen to seduce Monica. But was convinced by Elena.  And it turns out his real name is Juan Gerardo Suarez. Not Gerardo Fonsi. I feel like his name is probably some sort of clue, but to what, I don’t know. Then, Monicana calls Gerardo and says they need to talk. They meet in a park somewhere and have a HUGE fight. She demands to know if Gerardo has reported Elena yet. Turns out he’s just as stupid as Lorena and believes Elena is trying to make amends. Then, not only does she tell him about the poisoned chocolates, but she also says she knows Elena killed Monica and Julian. He clearly thinks she’s crazy. I really have to admire Maria Elisa Camargo’s acting here. She really gets into it! Especially when she slaps Gerardo across the face because he accuses her of keeping secrets. Might have to start keeping a tally of face slaps – she’s done it a few times to him! Anyway, she begs him to exhume Monica’s body because she thinks the same poison will be found in the body and he says, hell no, not happening.

Back at the mansion, Jennifer is doing a terrible job of mopping and Susanna tells her to stop working in her “condition”. She’s totally up to something. She’s going to make Jennifer lunch. Nothing better happen to her baby! So Jennifer goes to her room and it surprised by Gabriel who turns up with a gift – a pair of baby shoes! Awww so cute! I love these two!

In the hospital cafeteria, Camila is telling Ricardo not only about the secret room, but also about Monicana. Ricardo seems to think Monicana is innocent. He reminds her that Selma recommended Monicana and she’s trustworthy. So, two people are smart now – Ricardo can join the club with Diego.

At Lupe’s, Valeria and Diego then share a sweet moment. He tells her he’s been with Eddie and suggests she cook Eddie dinner – he’s sure to fall even more in love with her then. And Valeria is a total blushing beauty and it’s so cute! I really did ship Diego and Valeria for a while there, but I guess I can forgive the writers now they’ve given her Eddie.

At the hospital, the doctor admits to being “baffled” at the “rapid deterioration” of Emiliana’s body.  Argh! What’s going to happen?! I assumed that this would be a one-off reaction to the chocolates, but she can’t possibly die from this? *sob* Camila rushes off to Emiliano’s room at the news, and Emiliana wants to know what’s wrong with her. She reckons she’s having trouble breathing – yet she doesn’t have any oxygen mask?!

Back at Lupe’s, Diego goes upstairs for a shower but gets distracted reminiscing about Monicana fainting and waking as Adriana. He opens the drawer in his bedside table and pulls out the log necklace and then remembers the time Adriana lost her necklace and nearly jumped off the balcony and yells that her soul wanders without it. Is he finally putting two and two together? Maybe…but sad he didn’t follow through with taking a shower! I was looking forward to some topless Diego! He hasn’t had his shirt off for ages! Anyway, he ends up at the bar telling Rodrigo about Monicana’s fainting spell. He pulls the necklace out of his pocket and it looks like Rodrigo now doesn’t trust Monicana either. He’s like how can you trust someone like that?

Finally, Monicana turns up at the hospital, sees the doctor and tells him she’s sure Emiliana is being poisoned. She asks him to check for toxins in Emiliano’s blood and he’s like, nope, too hard, like looking for a needle in a haystack. Seriously. Who is this doctor? Then Elena catches them and starts yelling that she is supposed to be staying away. Monicana threatens to kill Elena if anything happens to Emiliana. The doctor promises to tell security to keep Monicana out. Then Elena makes a call and tells someone to “keep going”. Then, in the final moments, outside the hospital, Monicana and Elena have a total showdown, resulting in a lot of screaming and an almost-face-slap. Phew! What an episode!


  • Where exactly was the doctor educated?
  • When is Eddie and Valeria going to happen?!
  • Is Emiliana going to die? *sob*

Face slap tally – 1.5



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