1. Community- “regional holiday music” (season 3, episode 10)

Community - Regional Holiday Music
Community – Regional Holiday Music

After Greendale’s obnoxious glee club is institutionalised, their instructor Mr. Rad must convince the unwilling study group to be stand ins for the upcoming Christmas pageant. One by one they perform amazing little holiday ditties to persuade each other to participate. Highlights include Troy and Abed’s “Baby Boomer Santa” variety number, Shirley’s children’s choir-accompanied “Happy Birthday, Jesus” and Britta’s (awkward) heart’s song.

2. Sabrina – “Christmas amnesia” (season 3, episode 11)

Sabrina - Christmas Amnesia
Sabrina – Christmas Amnesia

Aunts Hilda and Zelda are Christmas super fans and no matter how hard they try to get her into the festive spirit, Sabrina remains a teenage Grinch. She’s invited to a Christmas Eve holiday bash at the hottest club in the other realm so she skips dinner with her aunts to go. It ends up being a nasty anti-Christmas party specifically for people who hate the holiday. While she’s there, she accidentally deletes Christmas from the world’s memory and has to spread a lot of Christmas cheer to the creeped out people of Westbridge to fix her mistake.

3. seinfeld- “THe red dot” (Season 3, episode 12)

Seinfeld - The Red Dot
Seinfeld – The Red Dot

One of the funniest storylines of Seinfeld (IMO) is the cashmere sweater one. When Elaine gets George a job, he buys her a cashmere sweater as a thank you but it’s marked down because it has a red dot on it. When she notices it and throws it back in his face, George re-gifts it to the work cleaning lady he’s been having sex with in order to keep her quiet. Meanwhile Jerry accidentally causes Elaine’s recovering alcoholic boyfriend to relapse by accidentally giving him Hennigan’s Scotch at a Christmas party.

4. t.j. hooker – “Slay Ride” (Season 3, episode 12)

T.J. Hooker - Slay Ride

T.J. Hooker – Slay Ride

Hooker is spending his first Christmas away from his wife and kids, Stacy just broke up with her boyfriend and Romano and Corrigan had to postpone their double date with the Biel sisters so everyone has the holiday blues. There are the typical elements to any good T.J. episode: a goofy car chase, a glass of beer (milk for Romano) at Sherry’s Bar, Hooker flirting inappropriately with a female, a quick stop at a strip joint to “question people” and a shootout where Hooker saves the day with his good aim. At the very end of the episode, Romano and Corrigan show up in Santa suits and the gang stroll down the street arm in arm singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

5. the vicar of dibley – “The Handsome Stranger/The Vicar in White” (A Holy Wholly Happy Ending)

The Vicar of Dibley - A Holy Wholly Happy Ending
The Vicar of Dibley – A Holy Wholly Happy Ending

Geraldine organises a book club and an art class which are both unsuccessful since nobody reads the book and the men spend an hour ogling the life drawing model instead of painting her. The best part of these special double episodes is that Richard Armitage guest stars as Dibley’s newest resident and Geraldine’s love interest. After a series of initial hiccups, he proposes, she accepts (after BLEURGH-ing in his face like Emma Thompson does to Hugh Grant in Sense and Sensibility) and they get married – all within two episodes! The village insists on planning the wedding with…mixed results.

6. that ’70s show – “The best christmas ever” (season 1, episode 12)

That '70s Show - The Best Christmas Ever
That ’70s Show – The Best Christmas Ever

Red gives Eric $40 to buy a Christmas tree and lets him use the change for his basement party but the gang decides to spend all the money on beer and illegally chop down a tree from the side of the road (which they don’t get away with). Bob makes Red work Christmas Eve at his bargain appliance store but the only customer he has is Kelso looking for a last-minute present for Jackie (he gets her hot rollers – old school way to curl your hair). Eric gets jealous when Hyde gives Donna a personal gift for Christmas and Laurie spikes the punch at Eric’s party and gets Jackie and her cheerleader friends so drunk that they end up all over Fez.

7. teachers – “episode 9” (series 3, episode 9)

Teachers - Episode 9
Teachers – Episode 9

In order to prevent the promotion of Christianity, Clare cancels the staff Christmas party. Instead she implements a swear box which ends up being filled almost entirely by foul-mouth Bob. The gang are unhappy that they’re all single but when Kurt and Brian receive a Christmas card addressed to Kurt and Briony, everyone comments that they’re basically a married couple. In response, Kurt attempts to distance himself and look for a new best friend. Simon gets a job at another school but he before he finishes at Summerdown, he loses some important homework papers.

8. keeping up appearances – “Angel Gabriel Blue” (Christmas Special)

Keeping Up Appearances - Angel Gabriel Blue
Keeping Up Appearances – Angel Gabriel Blue

Hyacinth wants a kitchen makeover but must have the exclusive Angel Gabriel Blue benchtop which is sadly no longer available. She spends copious amounts of time spooning different foods onto the sales display bench to see how it “copes with spillages”. Richard has contracted Athlete’s Foot but Hyacinth insists he tell everyone he has the “exclusive mobility problem” known as gout because it’s a more high-class ailment.

9. Downton Abbey – “christmas at downton abbey” (season 2, episode 9)

Downton Abbey - Christmas at Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey – Christmas at Downton Abbey

Bates’ arrest and trial for the murder of his ex-wife put a dampener on the season’s festivities but the servants still manage to have a bit of fun with a Ouija board. Mary and Matthew’s non-subtle flirting annoys her blackmailer and fiancé Sir Richard (aka Jorah “Friendzone” Mormont). She finally tells Matthew about her one night stand with the Turkish diplomat and they manage to free her from Sir Richard’s clutches just in time for him to pop the question to her himself! Sybil has a bun in the oven and although Cora’s thrilled, Lord Grantham isn’t happy with his daughter’s choice of baby daddy. Poor Edith finds out Sir Anthony was wounded in the war but still loves him even with one arm! Aww.

10. Roswell – “A Roswell Christmas Carol” (season 2, episode 10)

Roswell - A Roswell Christmas Carol
Roswell – A Roswell Christmas Carol

Max is caught in a guilt spiral after he decides against healing a man who is hit by a car while Christmas tree shopping with his daughter. Liz suggests that he even the score by healing Brody’s dying daughter. Isabel’s holiday generosity has her calendar filled with non-stop charity events but her behaviour becomes so obsessive that everyone nicknames her The Christmas Nazi. Michael is about to gift Maria an electric toothbrush when Isabel interjects and makes him be less practical and more personal. Tess cooks up a feast in an attempt to become closer to the Valentis but they’re too busy watching football to notice – until Amy Deluca comes over for dinner.

11. Veronica Mars – “an echolls family christmas” (season 1, episode 10)

Veronica Mars - An Echolls Family Christmas
Veronica Mars – An Echolls Family Christmas

Veronica finds herself involved in an investig1ation into some missing money after a high-stakes poker game at Logan’s house. Logan’s mum Lynn throws a big Christmas bash despite the fact that her husband Aaron has been receiving threatening letters from a stalker. Veronica decides to bring all the players back for another game – during Lynn’s party – in order to expose the thief. Aaron’s stalker ends up being someone he had an affair with and she shows up at the party and stabs him!

12. The O.C. – “the best chrismukkah ever” (season 1, episode 13)

The OC - The Best Chrismukkah Ever
The O.C. – The Best Chrismukkah Ever

Seth introduces Ryan to the epic Cohen bi-religious family tradition known as Chrismukkah. Marissa does one stereotypical Marissa thing after the other including shoplifting and drinking excessively. Julie and Caleb throw an extravagant Christmas party where Seth is forced to choose between girls after Summer dresses up as Wonder Woman for him and Anna gives him a really thoughtful personalised comic book.

13. Gilmore Girls – “Santa’s Secret Stuff” (season 7, episode 11)

Gilmore Girls - Santa's Secret Stuff
Gilmore Girls – Santa’s Secret Stuff

Rory returns from London and because Lorelai had put Christmas on hold while she was away, they start engaging in festive activities a week later than normal. They’re finding it to be much less magical with wilted Christmas trees and Weston’s not serving their favourite peppermint coffee. Luke asks Lorelai to write him a character reference to help him in the custody battle for April and she hides it from Christopher. Elsewhere in Stars Hollow, Lane is heavily pregnant and majorly grouchy and April shows up at the diner without telling her mum.

14. Glee – “A Very Glee Christmas” (Season 2, Episode 10)

Glee - A Very Glee Christmas
Glee – A Very Glee Christmas

Sue the Grinch tampers with the staff’s Secret Santa so that everyone ends up buying her presents. The glee club endures harassment while caroling around school for charity. Kurt admits that he’s in love with Blaine and Finn breaks up with Rachel for cheating on him. Brittany still believes in Santa and the glee club plays along until she asks the mall Santa to make Artie walk. Coach Beiste arranges a Christmas miracle involving a mobility devise and Sue finally sees the error of her ways.

15. friends – “the one with the holiday armadillo” (season 7, episode 10)

Friends - The One with the Holiday Armadillo
Friends – The One with the Holiday Armadillo

Ross does everything he can to teach Ben about Hannukah (including creating and dressing up as the made-up Holiday Armadillo) but he’s more excited by Christmas and Santa. Phoebe finds out that she can move back into her refurbished apartment but is afraid that Rachel would rather live with Joey then be her roommate again so she buys Joey gifts intended to put Rachel off. Monica and Chandler wait for a restaurant table forever because Chandler is hopeless at tipping.

16. full house – “our very first christmas show” (season 2, episode 9)

Full House - Our Very First Christmas Show
Full House – Our Very First Christmas Show

Everyone is flying interstate to spend the holidays with family but their travel plans are ruined when they end up stranded in an airport baggage claim on Christmas Eve. Stephanie is devastated that Santa won’t be able to find them and D.J.’s mood sours when the bag of presents mysteriously vanishes. Elsewhere in the baggage claim, Jesse’s parents encourage him to kiss Becky and he does but he also ends up getting smooched by another older lady under the mistletoe. Santa shows up at the last minute and saves Christmas.

17. the nanny – “Christmas episode” (season 1, episode 8)

The Nanny - Christmas Episode
The Nanny – Christmas Episode

After hearing that Mr. Sheffield gives generous Christmas bonuses to his employees, Fran goes on a big spending spree but is left looking silly when he gives her a vase instead. She ends up pawning the vase to pay for the shopping but then has to buy it back when she discovers the thought behind it. Maxwell ends up sitting on the vase anyway and has to go to hospital which is good news for Grace because all she wanted was her dad home for the holidays.

18. Parks and Recreation – “citizen knope” (season 4, episode 10)

Parks and Recreation - Citizen Knope
Parks and Recreation – Citizen Knope

Leslie is suspended from work so in order to keep busy she throws herself into Pawnee citizen-based projects. The Parks Department comes up with a super thoughtful Christmas gift for Leslie – a gingerbread version of City Hall – to thank her for all of the thoughtful gifts she’s given them over the years. But she’s even more touched when they tell her that they’re going to run her campaign. After resigning from his City Manager position, Ben goes on several accounting job interviews which he isn’t really interested in.

19. the office – “christmas party” (season 2, episode 10)

The Office - Christmas Party
The Office – Christmas Party

Secret Santa ends up being a lot less fun than expected due to a spontaneous Yankee Swap, Michael contributing an over budget iPod and Jim’s thoughtful and personal teapot for Pam almost being used to clear Dwight’s sinuses. Michael then attempts to lighten the mood by buying an excessive amount of alcohol and everyone ends up having a good time (except Angela but she’s always a sourpuss).


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