I was going to save episode 126 of En Otra Piel for another night, but got too hooked from the previous episode! So here goes: be mindful of the spoilers.

Elena’s not having any of Gerardo’s threats. Going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Who wants to place bets they kill each other?

Jorge and Lorena are having a boring conversation, but he admits he never made up with his brother. Jorge keeps talking about tragedy striking – when are they going to get back to Emiliana? Lorena’s head is stuck so far in the sand I’m surprised she’s even still on the show. She’s convinced Elena is trying to be closer to her cousins. Jorge threatens legal action. Finally he asserts himself properly.

Jennifer and Gabriel are basking in their news. Lupe says she needs to leave because she has a date! I love her so much!

Diego is looking after Monicana upstairs – or trying to until she remembers about Emiliana and freaks out. Diego won’t let her go alone in case she faints and he isn’t there to catch her.

At the hospital two hours have passed and they still haven’t stabilised Emiliana. Finally Lorena and Jorge show up. The doctor comes out and says he’s investigating how it happened. He’s essentially the worst doctor ever. He’s getting a neurologist to come and see Emiliana. Argh. Someone find those damn chocolates. Diego and Selma manage to sneak Monicana into Emiliana’s room. Somehow she’s managed to get a nurses uniform? And she sees the chocolates!! With her name on them!! And Emiliana had eaten the whole box. Guess there’s no testing the chocolates now. The best bit, is Camila walks in and Monicana shoves the box of chocolates down the front of her pants to hide them!

Elena shows up and wants to speak with Jorge. She tells Jorge she reckons Monicana has hurt Emiliana. Jorge throws everything in her face – that he thinks she’s hurt Emiliana more than anyone, and that he knows she slept with his brother, Julian, as well. She was pretty shocked at that! But covers but insinuating he didn’t know his brother very well and that he really should be asking what Julian did to her.

Back at the house, Jennifer is talking baby names with Marta and then Susana waltz in and hears the news about the pregnancy. She’s not happy. And Gabriel is sketching caricatures of his unborn baby and Jennifer. Rodrigo tells him he wrote all the time when he found out Marta was pregnant. And they bond over their shared artistic talents. Leading Gabriel to propose them working together – Rodrigo writing with Gabriel illustrating.

Maite still hasn’t forgiven Anselmo. She doesn’t believe any of his excuses and he tells her he might be going back to Mexico because his mother is sick. Which makes Maite question how she feels. Awww.

Elena calls Pachuco – whose real name isĀ Fulgencio it turns out – she’s got another plan in the works.

In the end, Monicana has yet another flashback about the night she died, plus all the things that have happened since. She’s crying and Diego is there and she cries on his shoulder. Then, at Selma’s, Jorge tells her about what Elena said at the hospital. He also admits, he’s unsure about what Elena insinuated about his brother. Finally, Lorena and Elena are having a meal and Lorena tells her about Jorge’s plan for custody.


  • Will Maite reunite with Anselmo before he goes back to Mexico? Will she go with him?
  • When are we going to find out the truth about Jorge and Julian?
  • Who is Elena plotting against now?



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