Here we have it, another recap of En Otra Piel /In Her Skin. Remember, don’t read ahead unless you’re happy to deal with spoilers.

We open with Elena remembering all the ways in which Monicana can be linked to the ghostly happenings around the house. And then she makes a call to Pachuco- that’s right, she’s plotting her next victim. Elena meets with Pachuco and gives him $20K to find a poison she needs. She needs the poison today. But is it for Gerardo or Monicana?

Emiliana gives Monicana a call and they wax lyrical about how much they miss each other. Meanwhile Jorge looks on, still suspicious? Or has this display convinced him once again Monicana is Monica? I’m starting to get bored by the conversations between Selma, Monicana and Jorge at Selma’s house. They drink thousands of cups of tea and go around and around in circles talking about Monicana’s dilemma. Throwing a spanner in the works, Tomas shows up and tells Jorge it won’t be easy for him to get custody of Emiliana because he lives alone, hasn’t known the girls for very long, and has lived away from them for a long time. But Jorge is pretty sure his money can provide for Emiliana and that’s what counts. Tomas thinks the best bet is to try and convince Lorena to hand over custody.

FINALLY, Mrs Lupe’s house. Are we going to see Diego? YES!!! He’s looking extremely nice in a denim shirt. He tells Monicana that Eddie wants to speak to her to get more information on the Carlos Ricalde investigation. Did we know Diego had agreed to this in the end? Maybe I forgot? Or maybe I just kind of stare at him and not really listen to what he says.

Jennifer heads to Gabriel’s place and it looks like she’ s going to break the news to him and Rodrigo at the same time (weird, right?). Turns out she’s rounding up the troops and they all have to go to Mrs Lupe’s. So they all get to Lupe’s and crowd around and Jennifer is practically having a breakdown and wants Gabriel to repeat his wedding vows to her again. Finally she tells him and Gabriel looks like he’s going to pass out before he sweeps her into his arms. And they are my favourite couple ever!

While this is happening, Pachuco is at the hospital dressed as a courier and gives Emiliana a package from Monicana! It’s like watching Snow White with the poison apple. Elena’s poison wasn’t for Gerardo OR Monicana!! Camila turns up but instead of going straight in, she wastes time chatting with Lorena. Now Jorge is there and apparently Camila is in with Emiliana (no symptoms yet then?). Jorge decides to start planting the seed about spending more time with the girls. Then he goes straight in and asks for custody! Talk about being subtle!

Emiliana and Camila are arguing when Selma comes in. Emiliana is sobbing and then starts having a fit! Actually have goosebumps! Somehow, Emiliana has the fit, but Jorge and Lorena head down to the cafe to talk custody. Wouldn’t the doctors have come and told them?

Then, back at Lupe’s Monicana is still chatting with Diego. She starts crying. Diego just sits there looking like he has no idea what she’s talking about. It’s actually hilarious. He wants to hug “Adriana” but doesn’t understand the Monicana side so he’s on the edge of his seat fidgeting. Then Selma calls and tells Monicana about the seizure and Monicana faints right into Diego’s arms. OMG and she wakes up as Adriana! And it’s mi amor all round and lovey dovey smiling at each other. But then she loses consciousness again and wakes as Monicana.

Finally, Elena’s been shopping for baby clothes. Gerardo’s been shopping too – for an engagement ring! But Elena still isn’t happy – she wants a special dinner in front of Monicana for the proposal. (Remember, Elena saw Gerardo kissing Monicana outside the hospital so she clearly wants to rub her nose in her engagement.) She says if he doesn’t go ahead with her plan, she will make sure Monicana goes to jail. So he agrees. Wow, is that true love or what? Now he’s threatening to ruin Elena’s life. So things are getting interesting! What a great episode of En Otra Piel – sure beat last week’s!


  • When will the pregnancy ruse be up?
  • When are we going to learn more of Jorge’s back story?
  • Will we have to wait until the finale for Adriana and Diego to be properly reunited?
  • What is Gerardo’s plan? Do we trust him?

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