Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! Don’t even think about reading ahead unless you’re really wanting to know what’s happening on En Otra Piel/In Her Skin.

Again, not a great episode given what we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks, but still. Camila dropped the bombshell to Emiliana that Monicana is no longer welcome at their house. And Emiliana’s face is heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.

Valeria is worried about lying to Eddie about knowing Monicana’s whereabouts – remember he wants to use her in his investigation. Eddie also gets Diego down to the station to try and identify members of Ricalde’s gang.

Lorena and Elena explore the secret room. Best part was seeing that Jorge was spying on them the whole time – he must know about the room…did we know that? Elena tells Lorena she’s worried Adriana will try and make her miscarry! Argh! Jorge calls Monicana and catches up with her and Selma to break the news about the secret room. What’s frustrating is that Jorge is now questioning the truth about Monicana! Just after he sided with her!

Susanna and Jennifer are talking AGAIN about Gabriel when Jennifer runs off and throws up in the bushes. Calling it – she’s totally pregnant right? Ok I wasn’t expecting this to be resolved so quickly, but yes, Jennifer is pregnant. And she looks devastated. Marta is VERY excited though. As they plan to tell Gabriel, he’s drawing pictures in the park and this girl is totally cracking on to him and he’s smiling and not telling her to go away.

OMG favourite scenes are when Eileen’s involved. She’s dragged Ricardo out for some fresh air and perspective when they happen upon Gabriel flirting with the girl. She immediately launches into a full scale act – complete with a limp, exclaiming she’s been hit by a car and the twins are sick with a lung condition he passed on. With that the girl¬†scampers away. There should be more Eileen. She’s so melodramatic and brings a whole lot of lightness to the show. Especially when she’s around Ricardo, who, with the exception perhaps of his father, is the biggest sad sack on the show.

Finally, at the office Elena has a pow wow with Gerardo about making Adriana pay. He suggests she focus on their wedding and leave Monicana alone. She’s totally goading him – remember she saw¬†him kissing Monicana. So she knows for sure Gerardo isn’t being honest with her. And as she runs through a series of flashbacks in her mind, and then dials Pachuco, I have a feeling there is a new murder about to go down.


  • How will Gabriel react to the news of his impending fatherhood?
  • Whose neck is on the chopping block? Monicana or Gerardo?
  • What is Jorge’s problem?!

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