Don’t forget – En Otra Piel/In Her Skin spoilers are fair game in these recaps! Don’t read on if you don’t want to know.

I’ve gotta say. Episode 123 just didn’t bowl me over with the super good storylines this week. Last week you will remember that Elena called Gerardo and Camila in for an urgent secret meeting and showed them the secret room. So tonight they go explorin’. What I love most about this discovery, is that the existence of a pen with pink ink (apparently Monica’s signature colour) must mean Monicana is behind the creepy music. It’s a wonder they’re not all detectives. Especially when Elena tries to tell Camila that Monicana was behind her kidnapping and Camila falls right for it. Even better is when Camila puts on her amateur graphologist boots and analyses the handwriting in the journals found in the secret room, with comments written by Monicana in one of Emiliana’s school books. And it seems this tells her something bad, because later on, she kicks Monicana out of the hospital after a rather nasty screaming match.

At the hospital Emiliana is continuing to give Lorena the cold shoulder (and Lorena stands there looking confused). Jorge asks Emiliana if she would like to move in and she looks very serious, indeed.

At dinner, the boys (Rodrigo, Gabriel and Ricardo) talk about…well, nothing and then Rodrigo reads them, at length, an extract from a self help book. Something about overcoming stuff and being a buffalo. Yawn. Maybe he should listen to what he’s saying, because we all know, give it an episode or two and he will be back to moping in defeat. Someone will have wronged him.

Other little tidbits from the episode include: date night for Valeria and Eddie (where he STILL DID NOT KISS HER!); Jennifer and Marta talk about Gabriel’s past and it was so dull I was left analysing how Jennifer’s room looks like a cell block and is far less nice than where Susanna sleeps; Diego had no real reason to be in this episode, so they made him lay in bed reminiscing about his true love Adriana and talking to himself; and Ricardo appeals to the detective to reopen the Ernesto murder case so he can get proof Camila was drugged. Even though he totally believes her. Yeah right.


  • Where does Marta sleep? Have we ever seen her room? It is nicer than Susanna’s
  • How important is it that Diego be in every episode? OK I can answer that – very important!
  • Is Selma literally the most patient friend EVER?




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