izombie brains food brain

If you’re as much of a sicko as me and actually enjoyed seeing the different brain meals featured in Season 1 of iZombie, then you’ll love this post. A comprehensive brain food guide – dig in!

If you preferred Liv’s cooking skills in the latest episodes, check out our new post Delicious Dishes of Brain Food on Season 2 of iZombie!


EPISODE 1: Pilot
Spicy chicken Insta-Noodles with hot sauce and prostitute brains.iZombie food

EPISODE 2: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?
A Hot Pocket with hot sauce and the brains of an artist.

EPISODE 3: The Exterminator
Wheat crackers with Sriracha and hitman brains.


EPISODE 4: Liv and Let Clive
Rice with Sriracha and the brains of a gang member.

Braised cerebellum à la Grenobloise.
iZombie food14

Gnocchi stuffed with medulla oblongata in a fra diavolo sauce (with pureed neurotissue for that silky texture).

EPISODE 6: Virtual Reality Bites
An unidentified beverage with rotten computer hacker brains.

EPISODE 7: Maternity Liv
Noodles with the brains of a pregnant woman.
iZombie food3

EPISODE 8: Dead Air
Salad with radio host brains.


iZombie food13

Scrambled eggs with the brains of a homeless kid.IMG_0193

EPISODE 10: Mr. Berserk
Pasta with vegetables and the brains of a reporter.
iZombie food4

EPISODE 11: Astroburger
Fancy astronaut brains.
iZombie food15

iZombie food5

EPISODE 12: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat
Cold Mexican hot chocolate with two-week old cheerleader brains.
iZombie food6

iZombie food17

Pizza with cheese, olives and the brains of a teenage musician. iZombie food9

Just for kicks – Clive’s reaction to eating “mushroom pizza”!iZombie food11

iZombie food10

iZombie food12

EPISODE 13: Blaine’s World
A BLT sandwich with Indian mustard and the brains of another teenage musician.
iZombie food8

Deep-fried runaway brains.
iZombie food18 iZombie food19

For even more brain food, check out all the delicious dishes from season 2!

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