What TV show do you love watching even though you know it’s a waste of time?


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It started off with so much promise. Anything to do with fairytales is right up my alley and the flashback, character-centric episode style reminded me of the early seasons of Lost. I loved watching each week and trying to figure out who everyone was in the fairytale world (and watching them being drawn to one another). But once the saviour did her thing and the curse was lifted, the storylines seem to have dried up (along with the CGI budget).  At the start the flashbacks were interesting and informative, now I find myself more confused…what is the timeline for these apparently crucial events? But after all this, here I am, still watching, and still trying to figure out what’s going on. Now that I’ve got this far there’s no going back. I want to see just how many different characters they can bring into this show and how many crossovers they can create. After all, it’s a show about fairytales and happy endings, and with so many other violent and depressing shows about I’ll keep on watching and waiting for my happy ending.


The Bachelor Australia
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I find it hard to really admit that ANYTHING I watch is a waste of time. Even a show with the most ridiculous of premises, I manage to wrangle some sort of satisfaction from (even if it’s just so I can laugh about it at work the next day). So, I guess that show for me, right now, is The Bachelor Australia. Even though Season One’s couple IS still together, part of me still wonders if it all isn’t just one big scripted melodrama. And melodrama it is. I mean, we are in finale week! And part of me knows everything is carefully edited to look a certain way when the reality is probably the total opposite. And there’s rumours flying around left, right and centre about pregnancies and affairs. But I still faithfully tune in. And yes, I will further waste my time by watching The Bachelorette too.


Source: TenPlay
Source: TenPlay

Neighbours, why can’t I quit you? In the last two months of Neighbours we’ve seen: a character paralysed by a rogue jumping castle, a gay stripper move to Ramsey St. and start up a dance troupe, baby daddy dramas, a false diagnosis of cancer and two characters get stuck in a well – and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Despite the ridiculous storylines, Neighbours is, and always will be, one of the greatest soap operas to air on Australian television*. I grew up on a diet of The Simpsons, Neighbours and Home & Away. At 6:30 every night, dinner would be on the table and Neighbours would be playing in the background. And while I don’t often have the chance to tune into Neighbours every weeknight, it’s comforting knowing that I can randomly switch it on and see the latest dramas that have befallen Dr Karl, Susan, Toadie and the rest of the gang**. The horrible acting, cheesy moments and unrealistic storylines definitely classify Neighbours as a “waste of time” TV show, but unfortunately once you’re hooked there is no turning back.

*according to me
**young stars and starlets who are biding their time until the casting director of the next Marvel movie gets in touch


Source: conversationsabouther
Source: conversationsabouther

Some people watch ridiculous reality shows. Some people watch trashy soap operas. And some people watch(ed) sci fi dramas that turned into ridiculous and trashy soap operas. Under the Dome just aired its final episode EVER so technically this is a show I loved watching even through I knew it was a waste of time. Three long seasons we were together, the dome and I. Apparently in TV-land that equated to a mere four weeks. But that’s not even the silly part. Over the years, the characters (and the last remaining audience members) endured extreme dome-weather, glowing eggs, creepy butterfly colonies, falling pink stars and caterpillar infestations. Still not the silly part. In the last few episodes, it suddenly became Aliens of Our Dome Lives with awkward body-snatcher cougar flirting, pod people love triangles, primordial cave sex, slimy cocoon hormone goo, a super fast alien pregnancy, a baby shower sacrifice circle, a super fast alien birth and an alien baby/grown-up who looked exactly like her mother (in fact, WAS her mother in a blonde wig and blue contacts). In the end it was #Jarbie that kept me loyal to the UTD kinship. Their relationship suffered some of the most ridiculous storylines  but they made it! Dome was where the heart was. Now, what to waste time on next…

We’ve told you ours, now you tell us yours! Which TV show do you love watching even though you know it’s a waste of time?


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