We watch an unhealthy amount of television here at Cactus Pop. But if TV is so bad for you, we don’t ever want to be good. Here are the latest TV shows that we are watching.


Source: itvstudios
Source: itvstudios

It’s probably no secret now that I love a good period drama so it’s no surprise I’m now obsessed with Poldark. Apart from the obvious reason to tune in (see eye candy above) there’s also plenty else to keep you watching. Set in the late 18th century, Ross Poldark returns home from fighting in the American Revolutionary War to discover his father is dead, his estate in ruins and his sweetheart engaged to his cousin. It’s set in Cornwall so the scenery is amazing with a capital A, especially THAT scene when Poldark is scything shirtless in the fields…am I right, ladies? Aidan Turner is perfect as the main man, and really, is there anything sexier then a man cradling his newborn baby on the top of a cliff in the early morning sunrise? I think not. Side note: I’m in love with Demelza’s hair. As a fellow redhead it’s everything I want my frizzy hair to be. But beware, after all these highs, there’s also some lows so definitely have your tissues on hand. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s definitely worth the ride. Bring on the second season!


Source: totallyradshow

You’ve probably heard of Veep. I’d known about it for years but for so long it just sat on the bottom of my “To Watch” list, forgotten like a stick of chewing gum rolling around in the dark corners of my handbag. Boredom kicked in one day and I chucked it on for lack of anything better to watch. A week later I had finished all four seasons! I officially love this show. It’s now one of my favourite comedies. It’s smart, fast paced and laugh-out-loud funny. Despite the fact that it’s set in Washington and follows the life of the Vice President of the United States, you really don’t need to understand or like politics to appreciate it. The cast includes Anna “Vada Sultenfuss” Chlumsky as the highly strung and permanently-glued-to-her-Blackberry Chief of Staff, Tony “Buster Bluth” Hale as the Veep’s “Body Man” which is a nice way of saying he carries her bag and whispers facts in her ear, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice President who is sometimes incompetent, often heartless and likes to swear a lot. Come on, citizens of planet Earth, if you haven’t already, empty out your handbags and give Veep the respect it really deserves.


Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Chicago Fire was not a show that I ever thought I would watch or like. Procedural dramas have never really been my thing, but after constant harassing encouraging from friends I decided to give it a go. Dick Wolf is the executive producer, so I knew it had to be decent. Set at Chicago Firehouse 51, the TV drama follows the daily lives of the firefighters and paramedics who work there. It is similar to ER or Grey’s Anatomy in that the characters’ personal lives and relationships tend to be the main focus. It’s a show that doesn’t shy away from packing the emotional punches. There are plenty of action-packed, edge-of-your-seat moments.  Without fail, there is always one scene in every episode where I have to cover my eyes out of pure squeamishness. If you don’t mind seeing needles, body parts getting stuck in machinery, or blood spurting out of bullet wounds, you should be fine watching this. The funny and likeable characters are what really makes Chicago Fire great. You’ve got Hermann, Samantha’s boyfriend from SATC, who is constantly getting himself involved in get-rich-quick schemes that never pan out, Otis, a moustached man of Russian descent, who looks like Super Mario and has his own podcast and “Mouch”, half man, half couch, who is the union representative and a genuinely nice and loveable guy. And that’s just to name a few. There’s also plenty of eye candy with Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga’s fiancé, and Ex-Neighbours/House Aussie actor Jesse Spencer packing the heat. So if you’re looking for an action-packed show with a lot of heart, a sprinkling of funny and a whole lot of drama (and blood, don’t forget the blood) then look no further than Chicago Fire.


Greys Anatomy
Source: au.tv.yahoo

Well. I LOVE a procedural drama and yes, I am one of the people who gently nudged Sarah towards watching Chicago Fire – for which I am sure she will be forever grateful. But, mostly I am a sucker for medical dramas. I was a loyal ER fan all those years…well, at least when I was old enough to watch it (and have since gone back to discover the delight that was George Clooney’s Dr Doug Ross). Anyway, I have been reliving the glory of Grey’s Anatomy of late. I still remember when Grey’s first started airing, while I was in high school, and all us girls were all aflutter about being Team McDreamy or Team McSteamy. I fell out with Grey’s after a while, but have gone back to the start with the plan of being caught up to the most recent season I can get on DVD. I had forgotten just how fun this show is! Shonda Rhimes is a genius. She’s created a show that has these great, completely dysfunctional characters that somehow become a family and it’s actually really heartwarming. And of course, the whole thing is centred around one of tv’s most angsty and amazing romances – Derek and Meredith. There are some truly stellar episodes, and some serious tearjerkers, and a fabulous soundtrack. The standout episode for me is when a guy comes in with an unexploded grenade in his chest, and Meredith ends up with her hand on it, keeping the guy alive, but risking her own life in the process. And Derek just wants to swoop in and save her, but he’s trying to make things work with his wife and omigod it’s just so much feelings!

And yes, I am Team McDreamy. McSteamy has the sexy factor, but it’s all about the McDreamy elevator moments for me.

What TV shows have you been watching lately? Have you watched any of the shows above? Love them or hate them?

5 thoughts on “What We’re Watching: Scything, Politicos, Firies & McDreamy

  1. I haven’t seen any of those shows. While I love period dramas (The Paradise, Tudors, White Queen, BBC Merlin) I don’t like Poldark’s Voice. Lately I’ve been watching Royal Pains, which is awesome! It amazed me how bright it is out there – but no one is wearing sunglasses!


    1. Curious Charlie, I LOVE Merlin – it’s one of my favourite shows!! I have seen the Tudors, but haven’t seen the other shows. My to-watch list is getting so long these days! 🙂


    2. Curious Charlie, I LOVE Merlin – it’s one of my favourite shows!! I have seen the Tudors, but haven’t seen the other shows. My to-watch list is getting so long these days! 🙂


  2. They still make Grey’s Anatomy? I haven’t watched that in years. I don’t watch much TV, but I’m addicted to Selling Houses Australia and Aussie Pickers (the ones who look through people’s junk and sell it on). I never miss The Walking Dead though, it’s the one show that I watch religiously over and over. Fear The Walking Dead premiered last week, a bit dodgy so far but it shows promise. Another one no doubt I’ll obsess over.

    No one fans of The Walking Dead? No one?


    1. Yes, still making Grey’s after all this time! I’m pretty sure it was “about to be cancelled” several times and somehow managed to avoid the chopping block each time.

      I’m a bit of a sucker for those Aussie Picker-type shows too. On Foxtel I tend to tune into Storage Wars – where they buy abandoned storage lockers and find all sorts of junk and treasure. It’s an American one, but there’s great personalities on there.

      Melpo, I think, has The Walking Dead on her (very long) list of shows to watch!


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