Crafternoon sessions

Crochet Scarf
The original and my favourite colour combination.

Crafternoon Sessions

Crochet Chevron Infinity Scarf

Crochet is a great alternative to knitting. It might look complicated, but once you have the hang of it, I have found it to be easier than knitting and much more satisfying as your project gets longer, quicker!

Having seen someone on my train crocheting a gorgeous chevron blanket, and scouring Pinterest for inspiration, I decided it was time to get serious. I purchased a great box of 101 Stitches to Crochet from a store called Morris and Sons in Melbourne, and I set about mastering the chevron (with a little help from many, many YouTube tutorials). I got some cotton acrylic from Spotlight on sale and the result is a bright and cheerful scarf!

Crochet Scarf
For Mum I used much more subdued tones.

If you are craft-inclined, I would definitely recommend giving crochet a try. This was a really fun and simple project. This is the first item I have crocheted and I was pretty pleased with how the scarves turned out. I think the bright colours are a great way to liven up a cold, wintry day.

To create this scarf, I used card number 19 from my kit, for the Sharp Chevron Stitch. Simply pick how wide you want your scarf to be and swap your colours as you go (I never counted rows and I changed my colours at random). I made mine long enough so that if I joined my edges together I would be able to wrap it around my neck twice. Once I was happy with the length, I put my ends right sides together and did a single crochet through each chain (through both sides) until all joined.

Crochet Scarf
For my sister, bright colours went down a treat!

I really recommend going colourful with this one. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it, and the cotton acrylic means it is warm without being super hot and itchy around my neck.


Have you got a great crochet project? Post your pictures below.



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